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New articles: LED mirrors with battery

Model wall mirror
round 99K8Bx70

Model wall mirror
angular 99K3B070

All “frasco” LED mirror models can be operated with a 9 Volt battery.


As of now all LED mirrors, as well as with power supply or battery, are produced “two in one” (switchable between warm and cool light).

This means for daily use that one can choose cool light for precisely look and warm light for well-beeing.

Frasco (cosmetic) mirrors for hotels
- We still take time for quality

“beauty is truth – and vice versa” said the English poet John Keats once. We allow us to expand this classic a little and maintain:
Truth is the prerequisite for beauty, also and especially for body care…



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Do you know...

... Frasco LEDs have a lifetime of over 50.000 hours!

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